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March 15, 2019 Meeting.


March 15, 2019 (full board reconsideration of consent decree for Dr. Kenneth Starling).


"Disciplinary Oversight Committee" March 15, 2019 (reconsideration of consent decree for Dr. Kenneth Starling).



Sound Off Louisiana features (which also contain short video clips not included above):



April 7, 2018 & May 16, 2018:  As Louisiana dentists testify to the rank corruption of the Louisiana Dentistry Board, Inspector General Street’s investigation is revealed to be so easily dismissive that a former Dental Board executive had to be reminded that he even conducted an investigation at all.


April 27, 2018:  Sen. John Milkovich’s SB-260, which sailed through the Louisiana Senate 35-0, will go a long way toward cleaning up corruption on Louisiana occupational licensing Boards and Commissions.


August 14, 2018:  While Congressman Abraham files bill to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease, House Speaker Taylor Barras, 17 Republican state representatives curry favor with politically-powerful dentist Don Donaldson, who pled guilty to illegally and recklessly importing Pennsylvania deer from infected herd into Louisiana.


March 17, 2019:  Dr. Kenneth Starling seeks $20,800 refund from alleged extortion by previous “monster” Dentistry Board members; current members plop his request in Inspector General Stephen Street’s lap to handle.


April 14, 2019:  Will Gov. Edwards wimp out on Dental Board appointee Jeet Patel just as he did with Auction Board appointee Rev. Freddie Phillips?


April 16, 2019:  Monroe dentist Richard Willis triple-dog dares Gov. Edwards to stand by his appointment of Jeet Patel, so we’ll find out if Edwards rises to a “10” on the wimp scale.


May 16, 2019:  Tempers flare at Senate Commerce Committee hearing entailing alleged problematic acts of doctors, dentists; Martiny to Milkovich: “I’m not quite as stupid as you think I am!”


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