Email from Robert Burns to  WRKF's (public radio) Sue Lincoln to back

up her claim that Sound Off Louisiana's Robert Burns has
"made things up and presented it as investigative journalism, which
it is not."


Note:  As of Monday, September 25, 2017 at 4:35 p.m., Ms. Lincoln has not responded to provide evidence to back up her claim above.




From: Robert Burns []
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 5:40 PM
To: '' <>
Cc: <all of the individuls listed blow and a ton of other folk>
Subject: Expanding Your Audience to Demonstrate Your Point of Me "Making Material Up Posing it as Investigative Journalism, Which It is Not."


Ms. Lincoln:


You have thus far declined to accept my challenge, so I want to expand on your opportunity and include more folk as an audience for you to demonstrate your statement of Monday, made in the presence of WAFB reporter Kevin Frey and his cameraman that I, “make up material and present it as investigative journalism, which it is not.”  Accordingly, I’ve copied the following individuals on this email, and will make it easy for you to simply hit “reply to all” and make that statement to them on record and cite the basis for your contention:


Congressman Joseph Cao (through his lead assistant attorney, Thomas Hoang):


He would be the one who “sounded off” on the Cosmetology Board having “no regard for the law.”:  In further reports by Sound Off Louisiana detailing the ongoing class action lawsuit filed by Cao entailing discrimination by the CB against Vietnamese manicurists, a stunning quote was allegedly made by CB Inspector Margaret Keller:  “You take care of me, I take care of you,”:  I assume this fails to meet your definition of “investigative journalism.”

Quan Nguyen:


A young man of only about 22 years of age at the time who virtually single-handedly got a Senate Resolution passed to obtain Vietnamese representaion on the Cosmetology Board (he’s in the background on video above).


Corey delaHousaaye:


He merely exposed $58 million in FEMA fraud in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav and exposed massive corruption in Livingston Parish surrounding that fraud:  He was subsequently prosecuted for allegedly falsifying $6,000 in time sheets by an Inspector General who had ZERO jurisdiction to investigate him, leading to all evidence beinig suppressed and a colossal embarassment for Inspector General Stephen Street.  FEMA’s own attorney, Linda Litke, stated that Street and Perrilloux’s prosecution of delaHoussaye as a whistle-blower was “reprehensible.” Off Louisiana viewers got to see the document just linked (our non investigative reporting standards you assert notwithstanding) as they read our extensive coverage of delaHoussaye, and it is the ONLY place they got to see it!


Nelda Dural:


She confronted the Cosmetology Board head-on and even got an employee, Deborah Johnson, to acknowledge ON CAMERA that meetings transpired up to two years beforehand with the single-purpose goal of shutting her Cosmetology School down:  Catherine Brindley,, went on record (on a heavily populated conference call of which both me and Ms. Dural were participants) and said to feel free to use her name in stating, “What the Csometology Board did with Nelda Dural was a tragedy, and they failed to promulgate the two-instructor rule they utilized as a means to try to close her school down.”  I assume obtaining an incredible quote of that nature from the head of a state agency fails to qualify under your standards of “investigative journalism.”


Rev. Freddie Phillips (and Ted Griggs):


As a member of the Auctioneer Licensing Board, he exposed and reportd extensive payroll fraud transpiring both on that board and on the Interior Design Board:  His extensive efforts culminated in the Inspector General issing a report confirming the payroll fraud:  He also reported his contention that racial bias exists on the Auctioneer Licensing Board as he asserted by the following roll call entailing the ONLY meeting he failed to attend from the date of his own appointment forward:  Apparently, Ted Griggs with The Advodate felt sufficient “investigative journalism” transpired to hound the Jindal administratio on the matter: and to follow-up on the IG’s report of its findings:  Phillips also insisted on confronting Gov. Edwards head-on regarding his about-face on having him serve on the LALB:  As you have already seen, the individual who led the effort to oust Phillips, Darlene Jacobs, in order that she could take his place, is now actively pounding her first on the table emphatically stating that she is going to get Rev. Phillips’ new auction school,, shut down.  I am awaiting a public records request response that will shed huge light behind what is motivating her, but I’ll have another of my “non investigative journalist” posts out about it soon after I receive the material.  This is going to be a FASCINATING post, Ms. Lincoln, though I have no doubt you’ll immediately dismiss it as “non invesgative in nature” notwithstanding the 30 days I’ve been told I’ll have to wait for the requested documentation (which I’ve already seen first-hand and know to exist).  That’s in addition to the damning material concerning Ms. Jacobs that I already have in my possession.



Michael McKay:


He, along with Lewis Unglesby absolutely cleaned the clock of former Attorney General James D. “Buddy” Caldwell and his staff in demonstrating about as authoritatively as anything I’ve EVER witnessed in a courtroom that Caldwell’s office engaged in VERY obvious “outrageous witness tampering.”  Perhaps a member of the mainstream media may have been able to report on that hearing but, of course, that would have required them having someone present to even observe it in the first place (more on that as we get to Murphy Painter below).  Too bad bloggers such as myself who DO report on it don’t meet your criteria for “investigative journalism.”


Penny Font:


Ms. Font relied EXTENSIVELY on our “non-investigative reporting” for much of the court filings entailing Marvin Henderson and Henderson Auctions for producing her own excellent feature on the matter (link to her feature and links to the prior Sound Off Louisiana features givinig rise to her article are at the bottom):  I’d never been quite willing to go so far as to divludge the fact that so much of the allegedly fraudulent payments entailing the litigation went to “pay Marvin Henerson’s girlfriends” as Ms. Font did, but I tried to make up for it later in revealing deposition testimony in which Henderson’s daughter, Janet Cagley, says, “Daddy doesn’t even have $20 to buy milk.”:


Murphy Painter:


Perhaps the absolute poster child of reckless prosecution on the part of Stephen Street’s Office resulting in the most embarassing defeat I have EVER witnessed in a courtroom in MY LIFE:  It was HIS case which prompted me to search for SOMEONE willing to report on this type of retaliatory corrupt governmental operations (and THAT is how I met Tom Aswell, who was the lone voice in the wilderness exposing how Painter was railroaded).  I attended the ENTIREY of the trial, yet, as I said on the Caldwell “outrageous witness tampering” the mainsteam media was nonexistent after opening arguments.  Numerous people on Facebook awaited my daily updates each night because the mainstream media was reporting ZILCH!!!  I provided those inviduals with this summation of that utterly laughable “trial.”:  I would submit to you, Ms. Lincoln, that more coverage of Street’s disasterous performances (sidebar:  Penny Font has not been shy about doing so:, and less coverage of his annual begging, moaning, crying like a baby, and pleading at Baton Rouge Press Club about how bad the situation would be if his office were abolished, Louisiana citizens would be much better served.  The reality is that Street has gotten us in one civil lawsuit after another, costing us an absolute fortune in defense lawyer expenditures, not to mention the $500,000 we had to pay for Painter’s criminal defense for that utterly pathetic performance by Street and Company in Federal Court!  I will also go on record as predicting a MASSIVE jury award in the delaHoussaye matter referenced above when the jury sees exactly what all transpired in that situation.


Billy Broussard:


Here’s a man placed under a restraining order for making public records requests!!!!!!!!!:  I’m not going to say another word because that outrageous act speaks for itself, yet I’m sure you don’t view providing the restraining order itself,, nor all of the email communications, letters, threats (including FBI prosecution if the public records requests are not backed off of) constitutes even remotely “investigative journalism.”

Lee Zurik, Katy Moore:


Mr. Zurik was very appreciative of the Sound Off Louisiana segment of the video of LSPC meeting of July, 2017 to demonstrate member Calvin Braxton’s arrogance and pompous statement of, “People did what they did.  The Governor did what he did.  I’m still here.”:  Perhaps Mr. Zurik and you have differing opinions of “investigative journalism,” though I think  when the name “Lee Zurik” is mentioned, most Louisiana residents know EXACTLY who he is!!  Katy Moore also used the footage, and both of them acknowledged it in their broadcasts, but I assume you feel Ms. Moore also is a poor judge of “investigative journalism.”


April Higgins:


She is the Mothers Against Druk Driving court monitor who took keen interest in Sound Off Louisiana’s feature on the mass corruption of District Attorneys Scott Perriloux and Earl Taylor entailing Marvin Henderson’s grandson, Cody Bowlin.  She took so much interest that she attended Bowlin’s hearing toward the end of last year entailing yet another “first offense” DWI!:  She’s probably the sole reason that incident wasn’t yet again not processed but instead he was permitted to plead “no contest” since the LSP Trooper wasn’t present, and conveniently she was NOT subpoeaned by Perrilloux (yes, I checked, but I know I’m not qualified to engage in any “investigative journalism by your standards).  I will add that Mr. Bowlin managed to get himself into yet another mess (this time including illegal possession of an AK-47 assault rifle in yet another arrest late July of this year), and all the ingredients are lining up for yet more corruption on Perrilloux’s part to fail to prosecute this latest incident as he has on so many other instances.  That has garnered the attention of a local TV news reporter, so I guess he too is a poor judge of “investigative journalism” even though he apparently finds it to be a solid launching pad for a potential feature.  Nevertheless, if Griggs, Frey, Zurik, or Moore want to jump in and “scoop” him, that’s fine by me because Bowlin is a clear and present danger to travelers on our roadways with all of his reckless, criminal, conduct that Perrilloux keeps “having his back” on!  Obviously, this local television investigative reporter (whom I’m sure everyone knows the identity of at this point) simply MUST be a poor judge of investigative reporting legwork to even be corresponding with me as he is, right, Ms. Lincoln?


Criag Mills:


Victim of alleged adoption scam which Ms. Walters acknowledged at Monday’s Press Club Meeting that she had “no knowledge of ANY adoption scams in Louisiana.”  Soon, I’ll be conducting the sixth part of that investigative series (which I know you won’t acknowlege as such); however, as you know, Ms. Walters and Mr. Mills are supposed to speak with one another, and I am not reporting anything until after they have spoken.  It’s my hope Mr. Mills will have favorable news to report from that correspondence.  If so, I will certainly acknowledge that fact.


Tom Aswell:


He’s the investigative reporter (although maybe not by your standards) who broke numerous scandals at Louisiana State Police (Edmonson Amendment and San Diego excersion being the most noteworthy) either solo or, in several instances, in concert with Lee Zurik.  He called upon me to provide the incriminating, salacious videos of Manzella and Doss after the most recent meeting of the LSPC: and that formed an integral compoent of his feature of their little “afternoon delight”:  Each of the preceding videos has about 1,000 views, Ms. Lincoln, and Tom’s article cultivated two near-immediate resignations on the LSPC (thus causing them to be unable to convene a meeting this month).  I have no doubt you’ll classify my vidoes (which weren’t exactly easy to capture I may add) das not remotely qualifying for “investigative journalism.”



I could give you a few more audience members to make your point, Ms. Lincoln, but I think these folk serve just fine to provide a nice little collection of people for you to reiterate your statement of Monday that you made to me by hitting “reply to all” and state the basis of your assertion.  I am also going to make another challenge to you.  I want you to tell them approximately how many FBI criminal referrals you have filed in your working career.  I’m not asking you to do anyting I’m not willing to do.  I filed approximately 37 such FBI criminal referrals during my tenure as a Fraud Investigator for the RTC and FDIC.  I spent over seven weeks pouring over invoices at one S & L in Gulfport, Mississippi entailing almost $1.3 million in insurance fraud claims in a desperate attempt on the part of the President to recapitalize the institution in the aftermath of Hurrican Juan in 1985 (all the fraudulent invoices involved a single apartment complex, and I worked alongside FBI agent Greg Fee, now retired, at that institution).  Since you have appointed yourself to be the judge of what constitutes “investigative journalism” and what doesn’t (and made it clear none of my posts qualify), I want you to provide us with a little of your qualifications to make such an authoritative determination.


Now, in due time, I’ll produce a Sound Off Louisiana feature of your statement since we all know your station receives Federal tax dollars to help fund its operations, thus qualifying it as a quasi governmental entity.  I’ll include in the featrue a copy of this email along with any response you may make to it.  If you’d prefer me to videotape your response, just contact me at the number below or reply to this email, and I’ll provide you with that opportunity.  If you decline to do either, I’ll so note that fact on the upcoming feature of your conduct of Monday.


Thanks, Ms. Lincoln, and I look forward to hearing back from you!!




Robert Edwin Burns, founder, Sound Off Louisiana

4155 Essen Lane, Ste 228

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