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March of 2014 meeting.



April 13, 2015 (first segment - regular meeting).


April 13, 2015 (second segment - regular meeting).



April 14, 2015 (administrative hearing Nelda Dural, Iberia Cosmetology Institute).


June 1, 2015 (continuation of administrative hearing Nelda Dural, Iberia Cosmetology Institute).


December 7, 2015 meeting (less the resignation of board member Geneva Jones).


February 1, 2016.


June 13, 2016.


September 12, 2016.


October 3, 2016.


November 7, 1016.


February 6, 2017 (administrative hearing).


April 9, 2018.


May 8, 2018.



August 5, 2019.



September 9, 2019.



May 21, 2021.



August 2, 2021



October 11, 2021



November 1, 2021


Sound Off Louisiana features (which also contain short video clips not included above):


June 9, 2015:  Former U. S. Congressman Joseph Cao Sounds Off on alleged discrimination against Louisiana Vietnamese manicurists.


June 23, 2015:  Sen. David Vitter Sounds Off on Louisiana’s excessive number of boards and commissions.


July 6, 2015:  Cosmetology instructor Nelda Dural echoes Congressman Cao’s lawlessness claims regarding Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology.


August 4, 2015:  Robert Burns schools attorneys Celia Cangelosi and Sheri Morris of Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology.


August 10, 2015:  Video camera scares off cosmetology board members.


December 14, 2015:  Nelda Dural quietly Sounds Off on Louisiana Cosmetology Board (by suing it)…..Charles Koch prepares to spend $900 million dismantling abusive occupational licensing boards and commissions…..Cosmetologists gear up for major upcoming battle in state legislatures across the country.


August 2, 2016:  JBE’s newly-appointed cosmetology board members’ actions immediately greeted with a lawsuit by the Institute for Justice.


October 4, 2016:  Will JBE and his appointees reverse the “tragedy” Bobby Jindal’s Cosmetology Board appointees bestowed upon instructor Nelda Dural and her school?


November 29, 2016:  Cosmetology instructor and school owner Nelda Dural implores Gov. Edwards’ appointees to “set me free” from the “whips and chains” she asserts the “Jindal Board” placed her under.


April 23, 2017:  Cosmetology Board Executive Director Steve Young and Chairman Edwin Neill collude in attempt to covertly cram 40% license fee increase down licensees’ throats.


May 4, 2017:  Guidry, Institute for Justice, and Americans for Prosperity deliver double body slam to Louisiana Cosmetology Board.


October 30, 2017:  Lee McGrath, representing Institute for Justice, openly appeals to Louisiana Cosmetology Board to allow hair braiders, eyebrow threaders to practice trade with little or no licensing requirements.


November 27, 2017:  JBE’s Cosmetology Board members let McGrath’s licensure concerns go in one ear and out the other, so are they now prepared to kowtow to disgraced District Judge Trudy White?


December 11, 2017:  Vietnamese attorney Connie Trieu sounds off at Louisiana Cosmetology Board meeting regarding job losses resulting from its continued tough stand on California reciprocity.


December 28, 2017:  Soon after showing near-reverence to disgraced State Judge Trudy White, Louisiana Cosmetology Board quietly fines hair braiders $550 for possessing no license.


February 20, 2018:  After KLFY (Lafayette Channel 10), Sound Off Louisiana expose unauthorized “observers” in Lafayette public school cosmetology class, Lafayette School Board does huge mea culpa and fixes problem, but Louisiana Cosmetology Board remains clouded in secrecy in apparent cover-up of the incidents.


April 10, 2018:  With Gov. Edwards going out of his way to let it be known he was watching via closed-circuit TV, the pro-cosmetology regulation crowd endures a colossal train wreck during the Senate Commerce Committee meeting of April 4, 2018.


April 14, 2018:  First edition of Republican Wall of Shame (RWS) issued with 23 Republican state legislators itemized for supporting 40% license fee increase for cosmetologists notwithstanding years of mass corruption and obstruction of job opportunities by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology.


May 31, 2018:  KLFY Channel 10 in Lafayette reveals Attorney General Jeff Landry has launched an investigation of Lafayette Parish Public School System entailing two Sound Off Louisiana features.


October 1, 2018:  D’Jay’s Cosmetology Institute owners vent on Inspector General Street, Gov. Edwards; allege Cosmetology Board now targets, harasses them similar to Nelda Dural several years ago.


March 20, 2019:  Gov. Edwards appoints Kevin Martin to Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology despite his documented history of improperly enrolling adult cosmetology students in the Lafayette Parish School System, an action for which Attorney General Jeff Landry initiated an investigation.


June 20, 2019:  Institute for Justice sues Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology asserting its 500-hour hair-braiding permit requirement violates Louisiana’s Constitution.


May 9, 2021:  Estheticians, blindsided by Rep. Villio’s bill to require an additional 250 hours of schoolwork, gear up to actively oppose her effort in Senate Commerce Committee.


August 2, 2021:  Cosmetology Board Chairman Edwin Neill, III (after shoving Sound Off Louisiana’s Burns): “What are you going to do about it?”


October 5, 2021:  Cosmetology Board Chairman Edwin Neill, III sued his financial savior Thomas Petrillo soon after he rescued Neill from dire financial straits; asserted a “hostile takeover” of his company’s distributorship was being orchestrated.


October 11, 2021:  One day after grand opening of hair braiding facility, Wadvisha Chavis lets Cosmetology Board know she does not need a manager, thus demonstrating why IJ’s litigation needs to succeed.


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