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12/13:  No mention of Inspector General report on payroll irregularities.

6/20:  Edmonds:  "None of your business" regarding her improper taking of funeral leave for a non-qualifying, non-blood related relative.

 4/22:  Nothing other than yet another fire that allegedly could have been avoided or remedied via ID regulation.

3/14:  Dr. Ritchie (vice Chair) extols license applicant appearing in In Register as being "high society."  More controversy over Edmonds' employment agreement.  Hiring of convicted felon Larry S. Bankston as 2nd attorney deferred.





12/18:  No highlights (too boring) but feel free to watch anyway.

6/14:  Chairman Steinmetz:  "Economy so bad many of our [ID] graduates aren't getting jobs."  Executive Director Edmonds explains IDB should raise public awareness of need for ID licensure by emphasizing things like hospital curtains.  Sawyer says cartoon drawings may do the trick, and Hymel chimes in with some drawings she brought to the meeting.

4/26:  Edmonds discusses Delgado Community College and 2018 sunset regarding NCIDQ and whether selling Sherman Williams paint can qualify as ID experience.  Discussion of using pink in prisons to deter repeat offenders.   Upcoming home and garden show with emphasis on more cartoons.






11/17:  Agenda not posted as part of concerted effort to conceal IDB's aiding and abetting of Ms. Edmonds claiming to be on the cock while vacationing. 

8/11:  Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips inquires about IDB's recent hiring of EBRP Deputy Ronald Landry.  Attorney Anna Dow discusses two cases of folk advertising ID services with no license.    Dan Bouligny award discussion and decision. 

2/25:  First meeting for videotaping.  Board members express surprise at videotaping.  LSU students' health, safety, and welfare video.  Talking points about what interior designers do along with more HSW discussions.  CE discussions to include topic of "physiology of colors" and a LEED submission.    Discussion of forcing Louisiana Fire Marshall to become familiar with interior design industry and obtain knowledge of and enforcement of design codes.  





Sound Off Louisiana features (which also contain short video clips not included above):





September 10, 2015:  LSU professor, Dr. T. L. Ritchie, blows off Interior Design Board meeting. Avoiding more payroll fraud inquiries?


September 17, 2015:  Sullivan presents optimistic scenarios for LSU Interior Design Department. Bails mere months later.


April 20, 2017:  IDB’s Steinmetz continues governmental double-standard as she once again uses Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips as her favorite “whipping boy.”


July 21, 2017:  Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips sounds off on Interior Design Board’s attempted search and seizure measures he claims are directed squarely at him.


August 21, 2017:  Is Delgado Community College’s decision to terminate Interior Design Program a reflection of lack of jobs for graduates and a harbinger for Louisiana Tech, LSU, and ULL’s programs?


March 26, 2018:  LSU President F. King Alexander: “If our students are not getting interior design jobs, then we need to re-examine what we’re doing” entailing offering interior design instruction.


November 5, 2018:  Presenting Robert Burns’ interior design / auctioneer board payroll fraud deposition video as a means to let subscribers know he’s still alive.


March 5, 2019:  Pelican Institute Executive Officer Daniel Erspamer cites florists, interior designers, hair braiders, and alarm installers as Louisiana occupations for which licensing should be eliminated.




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